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What You Need to Know

When building or installing a shed, garage, greenhouse or any other ancillary building in Scotland, planning permission is not required about 95% of the time because most meet a set of rules called ‘permitted development.’

According to MYGOV.SCOT, the permitted development rules for an ancillary building are:

  • it’s located at the back of the house
  • it’s not used as a separate home to live in
  • it, and any other development, does not take up half or more of the ‘curtilage’ – this means half or more of the grounds behind your home
  • it’s not higher than 4 metres at the highest point
  • any part that’s a metre or less from the boundary is no higher than 2.5 metres
  • the eaves (the part where the wall meets the roof) is no higher than 3 metres
  • if the land is in a conservation area or in the grounds of a listed building, the ancillary building has a footprint of less than 4 square metres

If for any reason you need planning permission or think you need planning permission, we can help you check with your council’s planning department to see whether you need to apply for planning permission. Even if you meet the permitted development rules, there may be other approvals you’ll need to get.

If the building you want to add does not meet the conditions for permitted development, you have to apply for planning permission.

Find out how to apply for planning permission, or contact your Planning Authority for further information.

Eco-Friendly Garden Rooms and Workspaces

Belhaven Eco Pod

Our Belhaven Eco Pod is a contemporary and practical solution for small but mighty uses. This option is popular for home offices, artist and writing studios, or playrooms for the wee ones, all whilst enhancing your garden environment.

Traprain Eco Pod & Hub

Our Traprain Eco Pod and Hub options are perfect for those looking for a small space to work in a home away from home. These options are not only cost-effective but design-forward and sure to enhance your property value and aesthetic.

Gifford Eco Hub

Our Gifford Eco Hub is our medium-sized sanctuary option where you can spend some quality time in, use as a unique guest room, yoga or meditation space, or as your primary office with a view.

Tyne Eco Hub

For big, beautiful garden office, personal gym, meditation and other studio solutions, our Tyne Eco Hub is the perfect way to add space with care, intention and precision.

Bespoke Pod & Hub Design

When you require a more bespoke solution, we create custom hubs and pods designed to suit your home office, workout space, storage and guest room needs. We can create anything you are after in any size garden space.

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