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Working from Home is Here to Stay

In a time of such uncertainty, one thing we do know is that millions of people around the world have made working from home not only possible but prefered. Whether it be the peace of mind of working in your own space, spending more time with your family or fur baby, there are so many advantages of working from home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the number one advantage and perhaps the most obvious of them all is that there are no travel risks when working at home. Similar to dealing with any serious illness, prevention is the closest we get to a cure, so by reducing your daily work commute you are not only lowering the risk of contracting COVID, but you are cutting out travel stress and adding on much wanted informal meeting arrangements and the flexibility to work from anywhere. Workers all over the world have been thrown into the digital deep end and have become much more tech-savvy and even more productive during this time. Without the typical 9 to 5 office setting, it can be difficult to switch off when you are finally getting somewhere with that big project you are working on all within the comfort of your own home. But the advantages don’t stop at employees. Companies are also experiencing cost-saving benefits. Slashing overheads like office space, office supplies, office support and services, i.e. cleaners, janitors, etc. It can also cut down work-related staff discrepancies such as sickness call outs or late arrivals due to traffic or public transport delays.

That being said there are some slight disadvantages. Healthy work relationships and effective training and development have historically been built on face to face interactions rather than FaceTime communication and some home workers can find it difficult segregating work and home life. Where some employees and companies find these to be threats, others see these as future opportunities like digitising their training modules, hosting virtual parties and corporate happy hours, and also finding ways to work outside the traditional hours to accommodate the daily distractions like increased family time or home-cooked lunch breaks. We tend to side with the at home optimists and are here to help you design and build your dream workspace from the comfort of your backgarden.

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